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 Pet Friendly Bed & Breakfast

We are proud to offer our hospitality to people who travel with their companion animals.

    Socialized, well-behaved, spayed or neutered adult dogs of any size or breed are always welcome.  Spayed or neutered kitties are also welcome.  We have two friendly dogs, Mick (the Corgi) and Daisy (the Dobie-Lab) and two cats, Mosie and Vasco, who have the run of the house.

There is no extra charge for pets.  Moreover, our room rates are discounted $5 for shelter adoptees upon presentation of the pet's adoption papers.

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Please help us make your stay a pleasant and special experience for all by complying with the following guidelines:

    Our home is flea-free. We insist that visiting animals be healthy and parasite-free. Cats must be FeLV-negative.

    New Bedford has a leash law. Be prepared to walk your dog on city sidewalks and to scoop the poops. (We provide plastic bags.) Our garden is small and not suitable for potty outings. A de facto off-leash area is a pleasant 10-15 minute walk from the house through a neighborhood of historic homes.

    Dogs are invited to accompany you in the parlor, the conservatory, the dining room, and the garden, always under your supervision and control, of course.

    Cats are not permitted outside the guest rooms. When unattended, unless left in a carrier, they must be confined to your bathroom. We provide a litter box and scratching log in the bathrooms for feline guests.

    We are relying on our human guests to be responsible for the behavior and needs of their animals at all times, both in their room and on the property. We do not require a damage deposit. Any damage will be charged to your bill.

You will be asked to sign a copy of our pet policy when you check in, indicating your agreement to abide by these rules and your understanding that we will terminate your stay with us if you fail in any way to comply.  Your signature at check-in also authorizes us to charge damages or cleaning costs if necessary.  The minimum cleaning charge for "accidents" is $25.  Be advised that if carpets must be sent out for professional cleaning, or other extraordinary expenses are incurred, including loss of revenue for the period of time needed to restore the room or furnishings to rentable condition, the cost will be substantially greater.

Please do not court disaster by leaving your dog alone in your room unless you are absolutely confident of his/her ability to be quiet and nondestructive.

    We can arrange daycare for your best friend while you are day-tripping. Ask for details.

    Guest rooms are furnished with pet beds. If you and your buddy are accustomed to sleeping together, we will gladly furnish your bed with a suitable comforter cover. Please tell us in advance so we can prepare your room accordingly.

    The small refrigerator in the conservatory may be used for perishable pet food.

Thank you for your cooperation.
If there is anything we can do to make you or your pet's stay more comfortable, please feel free to ask!